Sunday, August 3, 2008

Can Mages be Evil? And A Light Update.

Look at her Spell Damage and Healing. -grins- Oh, and ignore the crit. -hides it- I'm working on that part. One bit at a time. Working on crit and making her less squishy at the moment... had lots of interest in hit a bit earlier, but now that it's vaguely acceptable...

[ Author note: Oh, I know. Two pictures in a row? Lin's slacking! She really is. She has the outline and some of the details of a post on the way, but, until the tenth, she's going to be rather busy, and, therefore, will have little time to fine-tune that other post.

Now she is going to go to bed -- she's been up for thirty hours. Hasn't slept, and wasn't supposed to drive until she got her new contacts. This she was told on Wednesday. Thursday, she drove about an hour. On Friday, she drove the family to the airport, and got lost on the way back, so the round trip ended up being nearly two and a half hours. Today, she drove a bit more than an hour... on no sleep and a severely impaired vision.

She's alive through pure dumb luck. Or just really safe driving. Your choice. ]

Oh, and, not only did she not sleep, she got her mage her Merciless Gladiator's Silk Raiment [ew, 30 ABs! What's worse is that I want Guardian's Silk Belt, which is 40 more ABs... -groan-], and took her druid to Gruul's and Mags, where she got her Leggaurds of Malorne as well as her Shoulderguards of Malorne. Oh, and Pattern: Boots of Natural Grace and made it last night too. Trash mobs in SSC -- the raid tried it. Started right after Hydross, and went straight for Leo. Leo... they wiped at 3%, which isn't bad considering that some of them have never been there before, and many of them never with that raid (it isn't Losse's new raid that she's been with). At least she got something out of it!

As a result, she had quite a bit to enchant/gem/put thread/armorkit on. She's still working on the Golden Spellthread for her healy pants, but... well. She did get a Nethercleft Leg Armor on her [vaguely] newly acquired [that, being, the token has been sitting her her bags for a near two weeks] Greaves of Malorne.

Geeze. That's a lot of gear. I'm not a loot hog, I promise! Just... no one else wanted them. And T4 is better than Kara gear, so... -grins- Pain in the rear to get it to it's full prettiness though!

... I really must be exhausted. I'm switching between first and third person. Good... er... evening! -crashes into bed-


Anonymous said...

Nooooo all Mages are good.... but if you sit on 666 spell damage for too ling you will become a Warlock.

wowblogger said...

Lol gnomeaggedon. Gz on all the gear and have a good rest ^^
samownall - Wow Blogger

Cynra said...

Mages evil? No, never. Really. Stop looking at me; I would never say anything like that under duress. I'm not that kind of girl.

LS said...

666 spell damage? A warlock would cry. Warlocks need moar than that before they get decently far into kara.

Elune's Guidance said...

@gnomeaggedon Oooh, I like that! Instant warlock. But, I wonder... would it be a warlock "form", so to speak, or...? I like my mage too much to change her into a lock!

@wowblogger Thanks! ^^

@cynra -laughs- Oh, yes, we can be. -grins wickedly- If not evil, at least mischievous, yes? Or is that just a gnomish trait?

@Is She actually as more than that, but it's focused on Frost damage. That's just the overall damage, which I found funny. (The numbers have gone up as well since then, due to new gear.)