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[ RPJournal: Mel ] :: Grasping onto Sanity... Barely. Fancying is Bad!

[[ Hey, all. Due to a few events, I am going to try to write this post in roleplay terms. Bear with me! I need lots of practice, and I am going to try it out here and actually roleplay Mel for the first time. She's had a character, but never a real roleplay... so here goes! ]]

Oh my! Oh goodness! Tonight was... well. Harsh on me. Or, today, perhaps, would be better to say. Earlier this morning, someone asked me to join their expedition to the Slave Pens! Like the rest of Zangarmarsh, it's utterly infested with naga and their slaves.


Oh, we took care of them all right. Once again, I felt the power of ice and water course through my veins as I gathered the elements and molded them into something quite dangerous. I found that I like what I do -- perhaps a bit too much, to the point where, if I stopped to think about it, being a cyromancer and just having all that control is exciting. Very exciting.

Now, boys, don't go there... but, I suppose, you could, because it's almost as amazing as the ACT would be. Or so Losse says. She still won't tell me *who* she did it with though. She tends to be with the boys quite a bit... but then, thinking of it, I do too. The boys know better though, when it concerns me -- most of those who even give me the slightest look in the wrong manner will find themselves frozen to the core. I have enough trouble in my life without a man, thank you very much! I don't care what you lot say about me needing support, or that I earn too much money for a girl. I'm perfectly self sufficient.

I'm getting off track, aren't I? Now, where was I?

Oh, yes. Naga and their slaves. The Broken. I pity them, which is half of the reason why I always go to the Slave Pens. I just can't bare the thought of the lazy naga kidnapping The Broken and making them work for them -- after all, haven't they suffered enough? While some of them are learning to answer the call of the elements, others... they have no real livelihood in the larger world. Why take what little joy they have and force them to labor for Vashj? -shakes her head- It's late, clearly. Tangents just keep coming up, and I can't seem to remember the focus of it all. But I must, or things will never get done! If Cirwen can do it, I can too, yes? I know Losse likes to finish things up later, but for Cir and myself, we tend to try to finish things *now* so later, we can do other stuff. Continuing on!

I had to rest after we were done. While power is intoxicating, I find myself getting tired quite a bit faster than if I was sitting around and infusing cloth with arcane energies. Issue with the latter is that it gets boring, and I'm a little too... twitchy, so Cir calls it, to do it for too long.

Later in the evening, however, I heard the front door. I was in my resting clothing -- that being a light gown that hangs somewhat loosely. It's very flowy, but it flashes off my shoulders. I'm so pale! Even with the heat of the sun I must run under, I am ridiculously pale. Perhaps the frost energies can be put to blame for that one? I stepped out of the room I shared with Losse to see who it was.

It was Losse! She looked so worn out! I gave her a hug, and walked beside her as she made her way to the couch. I was terrified that she'd fall! While Losse is normally a graceful, strong being, she was moving so slowly I almost worried about hidden injuries under her gear. She sat down, and I helped her remove at least some of the battle armor she wore while she told me about her tiring experience in the Mechanar.

Losse is currently worried about healing anyone who is wounded. For a while, she sought to take up the forms of animals, but I think she has found another love for the time being. Repairing people. She already is brilliant as a psychologist, but now she not only aids with inner wounds, but outer wounds as well. Which was why I knew she wasn't wounded -- she takes care of herself well enough as far as wounds are concerned. I know that for a fact. I would get a splinter, or scorch myself on the pots as I am cooking, and she would sense it nearly straight-away, and set to work on healing me of even the smallest wound.

Apparently, the warrior that was supposed to be defending them thought that she was a paladin... and, therefore, both Losse and the whole group got defeated several times before they were able to outwit Pathaleon the Calculator, the mouthpiece for the head Blood Elf himself! It was quite the battle, and she had to be on her woody toes the whole time to keep up! She also had a note for me, which she remembered only after she recalled her tale. Bennik, a leader in the Guildwatch, needed my enchanting skills. He had brought the materials needed, and I directed all of the energies they gave me into providing his weapon more powerful.

Ben and I have been acquaintances for a fair bit, and nothing more. Generally, we see each other when we are out saving our towns and settlements from the vengeful actions of the Horde, and it surprised me that he sought my abilities out. Perhaps it was due to our light familiarity... as soon as I got close enough, I knew he had been drinking, for there was definitely that waft that ale leaves. What is it with dwarves and alcohol anyway?

Afterwards, despite me having (oddly) fallen into an unpleasant mood, I had to keep my arrangement with Shae and go to Medivh's tower, where I fought hard and long with the army he collected... I won't speak too much of that trip, other than it went well enough. It is what happened after that made this day wonderful.

Losse and I have had the pleasure to meet an old acquaintance of ours, Thia (I'm sure I'm butchering his name every time I say it, which is why I try not to when in hearing distance of him! He's rather picky on that, and I completely understand why. However, for the life of me I can never remember just how to say it! So Thia it is, to make it simple). We got to know each other a bit more yesterday, for I helped him kill a few Voidshriekers while I was in the area (and they imparted their knowledge of how to fortify a cloak to withstand shadow magic to me), and I discovered I highly enjoy his presence...

Well, today, he took me to two beautiful spots... Goodness. I know I said that I don't need a man, but the sights were so pretty that the girly side of me had to come out and... well. Be girly. He's a good man. Educated and an intellectual! I don't suppose it's too surprising, as he is, after all, shadow, and prefers to manipulate other people's minds and torment them... he certainly made a good impression on me!

Now if I can only manage not to swoon over him the next time I see him, I'll be good.

I did manage during the times I was with him though! We traveled over Azeroth, and I had a rather good opportunity to take note of his looks... And tinge myself with ice every time I caught myself doing it. It hurt, but it served as a sharp reminder as to the fact that I am not interested in having a man in my life.


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krizzlybear said...

Quite lovely. I love hearing stories of frost mages, particularly those who are at the outlands level. There's just so much to do between one's sixtieth and seventieth season that it's often too overwhelming to personally record in some sort of memoir or chronicle. I do hope you keep up your RP with mel, she's possibly my favorite character (obvious frost bias is obvious)