Friday, September 26, 2008

[ WotLK ] :: Devastating Powers of Typhoon

I wasn't going to post about beta, but... I couldn't help it. The roommate of one of my friends currently plays on Beta, and, [since this bug was fixed], I feel like I can write about it.

Stress relief? Nothing else beats seeing lots of pretty numbers go rising up your screen and hearing the death throes of... well. Everything that you just killed. For the past two days, Typhoon, the new forty-one point talent for Boomkins, has been broken. Instead of having a cooldown of 20 seconds and costing 32% of base mana, it had no cooldown of any sort (including GCD), and cost absolutely nothing.

So for two days after the patch, Typhoon was... deathly scary. A friend made a macro that had sixteen of them, and would just hit that, and things would drop dead. With this little bug, he went though normal Sethekk Halls, Mechanar, Shadow Labs... The Nexus and another one of the beginning "70" instances in LK... then did Heroic Blood Furnace and Ramparts, as well as Kara, SSC, Gruul's, and Mags. Solo. Without stopping to drink, and only had to heal a few times, and only died a few times too (Karathress killed him)...

It was really funny to watch (and do some of it too!), and it was really, really comforting to see 2111 go rising up the screen in huge bundles (as he pulled large groups), or it critting for 4.2K, and people dropping dead within seconds, and getting knocked back, and sometimes dying in a knocked-back-floating-in-midair position.

Stress relief? You betcha.

Makes me almost want to become a boomkin, even though they fixed it so it's not OP beyond anything? Yes.

Almost. With the tree nerf and me having no idea how to make my feral spec look right to me... Egh. Almost. I can't do it... really!

In sum, Typhoon looks like it will be a well appreciated spell in a boomkin's new repertoire.