Friday, December 5, 2008

Zero, One, Two, and Three!

I've been busy.

Not with what I want to be busy with, but I've been busy anyway.

Poor little EG. Always neglected. BUT I RETURN.

For a little bit, anyway!

I haven't been nearly as productive as I would like: my muse has completely abandoned me on NaNo, but I have read Rose Madder, by Stephen King... In a day... and been leveling. Lightly.

Losse is 73, Kanta is 72, Mel's 71, Cir's 70 -- seeing a pattern here? Really, though, I don't think I'll be leveling the hunter seriously anytime soon], and Dae, my Death Knight, is 65. The Aussie says I'm spreading myself too thin, but I fully enjoy all of my characters... when I get around to playing them.

[Oh. Distraction. Names. Losse, Mel, and Kanta all have kept their unique names. Cir's and Dae's have been replicated. Bah! I liked having unique names -- although, I guess I'm still doing better than a lot of other people when it comes to that; Cir and Dae are the only ones in their "section" that are higher than level 35 or so.]

Right now, it's slightly overwhelming. Combine that with my dislike of leveling... Ugh. This is going to be a slow ride to getting them all to eighty [ hopefully before 2010 ].

With the levels said, I feel that I must also mention that I've been working on my professions. The Aussie sends me part of his greens, all of his leather, and gives me his reject rocks [ meaning, once his blacksmithing doesn't need them anymore, I take them for prospecting and jewelcrafting ]. In return, he gets free enchants whether he wants them or not, gear made for his shaman, and all the cut rocks he could want. On top of that, he has every other one of his enchanting friends wanting to enchant him and end up disliking me for it.

All cloth and greens I find go straight towards Mel, who is a tailor and an enchanter. [ Side note. I hate Feathermoon economy. Infinite Dust? 9g for one. ONE. It sucks. I refuse to buy it off the AH, so... enchanting is going real slow. ]

I've figured out, though, that a level 71 tree could easily heal me in a level 74-76ish instance, with me being 72-73, so I will be taking one of my old friends everywhere [ instance wise, anyway ].

Oh, and I'm leaving the country in seven days.

... Holy crap. Seven? Really? I need to stop playing WoW and take care of stuff!

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Loronar said...

Oh, where are you doing? I'm leaving the country for winter break as well.