Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quick Shammy Notes and To-Dos

Haste is superior to attack power for Enhancement shamans right now.

I hate hunters. They're the reason why I have to gem for expertise.

Windfury glyph still trumps the Flame Shock glyph.

Q: Is Black Magic better than Berserking?
A: No. Using the January 14th BIS list Black Magic sims 51.18 dps below Berserking.
-Elitist Jerks, where everything else is coming from too.

Icewalker over Tuskarr's? I know DPS wise, but in a movement unfriendly situation...

Oh. ICC thus far have very few movement unfriendly fights and a lot of don't have to move too far fights. I guess, in that case, the question holds true. Icewalker would be better.

Lava Lash less, Magma more.

1) Spirit Wolves
2) Shamanistic Rage
3) Stormstrike if no SS debuff present
4) Maelstrom Weapon x 5 stacks - Lightning Bolt
5) Flame Shock
6) Earthshock
7) Stormstrike
8) Fire Elemental
9) Magma Totem
10) Lightning Shield
11) Lava Lash
12) Fire Nova

Is ideal once I get to T10 gear. Otherwise, something closer to this:

1) Spirit Wolves
2) Maelstrom Weapon x 5 stacks- Lighting Bolt
3) Earthshock if Storm Strike debuff is on target
4) Storm Strike
------->Flame Shock
5) Earthshock
6) Magma Totem
7) Lightning Shield
8) Lava Lash
-More Elitist Jerks, slightly modified.

Still Lava Lash less.

Pick up and try out EnhSim.

That's all for now.

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