Monday, September 22, 2008

I am Perfectly Innocent... and Perfectly Distracted.

"You know, back in the old days, we used to take notes on paper..."
A friend noted this to me the other day when he asked what I was doing on WoW in the middle of the day. It was right before a class, and I told him as such... but he still made fun of me. Of course, he had good reason to, because he knows exactly what I do (or, perhaps, don't really do) during the lectures...

I must confess: I am (at least, in my mind), nearly as bad as Matt's warlock friend. While I don't play WoW in the middle of class, I can easily be accused of blogging, reading/catching up on blogs, sometimes checking BA, read BBC news, and posting to blogs. Oh, and sometimes actually look up stuff pertaining to class.

Yes, I'm a bad kid... but there are consequences to doing all of that during a lecture. Today, I discovered one of them... in a rather embarrassing manner.

Starting from the beginning: I am currently on three-and-a-half hours of sleep (and I have Aussie voices to blame), in the middle of a lecture (as I was earlier as well), and have been really rocky in my emotions and state of being lately.

I hardly ever check BA -- heck, due to my schedule and my priorities, it's very rare for me to be able to read my blog roll -- but, when I feel like looking, I do until I must stop (usually, the end of class).

This morning, I was browsing through the Author Introductions, and came upon The Stoppable Force (which also finds a home in Feathermoon, by the way!). Right in the middle of a lecture about Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin (yes -- Age of Reason was the topic of lecture today!), I posted... and broke the two main rules of posting: [one] Proof-reading, and [two] actually try to sound intelligent and did .325 seconds of research. Because I was flipping back and forth from the notes I was taking (and, surprisingly, I take acceptable notes for not really paying attention), I missed out on one really rather major factor... and it made me look like an idiot.

Thankfully, I can laugh at myself -- (if I can ever show face in that blog again, now, that's a different question!) -- and... well. Laugh at myself. The .325 seconds that I should have spent would have been on the banner, which I noticed *after* I had sent in the comment (and right after I noticed my forgot-a-letter error too)... the boo-boo?

One word: Horde.

Oops! Clearly, Lin is a genius. I'm sure it's very easy to guess exactly what she messed up on (oh, even better! It's still there! Traffic for TSF, and you get to make fun of me! A win-win situation!)... Yup. At least I was trying to be friendly in all of my sleepy-ness and confusion!

With all of this noted, I really do wonder how she manages to play the game itself in class! If I tried that, not only would I be putting my foot in my mouth all of the time, but would be kicked out of class...

Nope. Don't have the guts to do that. Doing what I do, and screwing it up is bad enough without have someone-like-Matt finding me on WoW.

Although, come to think of it, it'd be a rather nifty way to meet someone... maybe I should work on that. (First stop? Don't sit in the very front and center of the classroom...)

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Queklain said...

It's okay. Occasionally I like to be tricky and throw up that banner that only features Xi'ri. They're random, don'tchaknow. (Though a majority of them them *do* feature Queklain...)

I've never tried to play WoW during class. I already have enough problems following a class that's based on math I last had six years ago. :(