Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heroic... What? Heroic Heroics?

Thirteen days after the thirteenth, I find myself at a spot I knew I would be in soon nearly a week earlier. Currently, I have nothing to do with my life -- it's a transition stage for me, so I've found myself hopping onto WoW a lot more than normal. I mentioned that I hit 80 on my druid on the thirteenth last time, and every day of that week to the following Tuesday I ground heroics.

Three to four heroics a day is my definition of grinding, with a top off of seven one night [remind me to never do that again. Seven is quite excessive, even if two of them *are* Violet Hold and our daily dragon run to Culling of Stratholme].

I went from being in mostly BC epics -- ranging from a few leftover pieces of Kara I just couldn't get rid of no matter *what* I did to BT/Hyjal gear -- to pretty much half epic'ced out in raid and heroic gear with a few reject pieces. Another week passed, and I'm -- minus a hat and a trinket -- fully epec'ced out. Two weeks!

It's incredible, thinking back upon the previous two times when my characters have been at max level, and looking at my characters' progression this time.

At the end of Vanilla WoW, I had been sitting at sixty for so long at Losse and had run so many runs of Baron Stratholme and Scholomance that I ended up halfway through revered with Argent Dawn on Losse, then, when I started my mage and got her up to sixty, Mel as well. My hunter, although being made before Mel, got to level thirty-two.

At the end of BC, I had been raiding T5 for two months at the very most, and had seen the T6 raids only very briefly. Losse, Mel, and Cir had reached seventy, all having been to Kara and ZA at the very least, and Kanta was sixty-four.

And now, three weeks into hitting eighty, I'm seeing twenty-five man raids, very nearly fully geared in epics on Losse, Mel being seventy-three, Cir still at seventy, and my shaman making a stand at seventy-seven.

Healing heroics went from being a struggle to keep everyone alive, to being just as boring as they were in BC. Sure, there are still some pulls in some instances that end up messily, but I'm sure that happens with any healer. Not only that, but most of my tanking and kitty gear from BC have been replaced as well, so that, when the chance comes, I may bring Losse as either feral or resto.

I've moved on and started to level up the shaman, trying to make sure I do my jewelcrafting dailies every day, at the very least, and get another part of a level on her.

It's been a good few months of playing [maybe playing a bit too much though] and of leveling. There's still so much to do, and so much more I can improve.

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