Thursday, January 15, 2009

To Infinity, and Beyond!

It was the morning of the thirteenth. Very early morning -- somewhere between one-thirty and three -- and it was then that I finally, after a whole lot of questing and instancing for the past two days, hit eighty. Seven or so hours of questing will make one who already disliked questing utterly hate it. But ah well.

I immediately went to bed afterwords, and not too long after waking up and talking to Pet Tree about WoW and he offered to get me into his raid tonight, hopped into WoW.

... And immediately got dragged into a Heroic Gundrak with Zee. Being feral and no where near geared enough for a heroic -- at least, tanking wise, as DPS really didn't matter as long as I didn't pull aggro -- I told her I wanted to DPS. So DPS I did... and quite awful DPS, but I was with a group of people who were Naxx10 and 25 geared, so there had never been any real competition from the moment I glanced at their gear.

Near the end of it, Pet Tree asks if I really do want to join his Naxx25 -- they were short on healers.

Decisions, decisions!

Now, mind you, last two expansions I didn't get into raiding until late -- usually, the summer before the next expansion came out, and it was just the beginning stuff [Zul'Gurub, AQ20, Karazhan, then ZA] -- or finally reaching T5 and beyond raids with only six weeks to the expansion to go. So the idea of joining a Heroic Naxx raid within... [lets say I hit eighty at three, just for the math] fourteen hours of hitting eighty was quite exciting.

I had been speeding to eighty on Losse for Zee's Naxx10, that was to be occurring over the weekend, but Naxx25! Seemed a bit scary, really. Fresh eighty, being chucked into a higher level raid. Oh, and with healing gear mostly left over from BC. The other thing was, I had wanted to spend at least *some* of eighty feral, and now, it seems that I am plunged right back into being a tree...

I did take the opportunity though, being unable to resist.

It was rather an amusing thing I did. And a good thing. On top of saving Sash of the Parlor from being sharded [replaced a ZA piece], I seem to have... gained more in my "cult", as people have called it.

Yeah, cult. Apparently, there's some quality in my voice that people like. I don't understand it, but I'm finally being brought around to accept it [three some odd years of being told about it really helps]...

Well. I hopped on Vent as required, and spoke.

It had been very chatty up until that point, and when I spoke, there was silence. Then, a few moments later:

"Officer chat just exploded with comments about your voice."
Me: "...Okaaay..."
"They think it's sexy."
Me: "All riiiiight..."

And continued on to trying to figure out how to spec resto now that I had ten points I never had before. It was mostly figured out when they summoned me into Naxx...

"Hey, guys? I don't have any resto glyphs..."

And a few people jumped to offer me their inscription, and asked what I wanted. Pet Tree told them as I didn't remember, and I had three glyphs pop up, and some gold to cover respec's... But, having come directly from Heroic Gundrak and still carrying lots of feral gear, I had no bag room.

Upon informing them, a mailbox and a scrapbot were dropped.

Then the gold and the glyphs appeared again, which, after some protest, I accepted.

"Er... I kind of need a book for these to be useful..."

Portal to Stormwind came up.

I have to admit, I was impressed. I would have been even more impressed if they actually pulled out a Lexicon of Power... And it didn't change too much from there. Something about how, if I stayed, I can have lots of loot [jokingly, but still, amusing], and when I had to restart to try to get more than a framerate of three [yeah, it was awful], I got a "whatever you like". And cat-calls somewhere in the mix of the raid too.

It was entertaining... and I also apparently impressed them by being able to keep up with their healers [Naxx10 and above geared, mostly] on the healing meters, and got invited back. [The voice didn't hurt, either, so I was told.] I accepted... which is why I really ought to be instancing for better gear right now, for the raid in four hours.

Oh, and afterwords, I learned I couldn't heal Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle. Zee wanted me to. I struggled. A lot.

So now I'm resto with both a ten and a twenty-five Naxx raid nearly right after hitting eighty, playing with a framerate of five and still impressing people.

My last revelation last night: my macro for Regrowth that I used on my tree bar was outdated. Apparently, it was using Regrowth(Rank 10) instead of Regrowth(Rank 12). Oops! Healing will probably be a fair bit easier now...


krizzlybear said...

It's true! From what I remember, you have an adorably cute voice.

Lin said...

Kinda believing it, but still doubtful!

Despite it, though, c'mon. Just was really impressive. I guess it worked -- I did go back!