Friday, May 1, 2009

"The Noble"

Ah, Noblegarden is over, but there were a lot of memories accumulated during the past week for many people, I am sure. Despite the controversy over a certain achievement, I had a blast. I found that egg picking was ridiculously addictive -- over the course of the week [although it was more centered on a few days rather than spread out], I picked over eight hundred of those pretty eggs, got six shirts, six pants, and six elegant dresses, along with more than enough chocolate to make me a diabetic, as well as three titles of "the Noble".

That's right, Lossemenel, Nirkanta, and Meliensa all have that title stored away, to use whenever I feel like it.

Why the obsession? I can't quite explain it. It was just "one more egg", as well as the fact that I could do many things while egg picking, such as catch up with friends and guildies -- something I tend to rather fail at while instancing or raiding. Also, by the end of picking a hundred and fifty eggs, I had down pat a route that had nine egg spawns as long as there were few people around, and, therefore, the egg hunting was rather like a game than a long chore.

While the rest of the event -- the running around, the "running-around-Dalaran-looking-for-breasts" were... interesting, to say the least, it was far less running around than many of the previous holiday events, which was probably my biggest draw.

The best memory of this holiday, however, was how it seemed to draw people together. I saw Alliance openly helping each other, even pointing others toward egg spawns [but, on the same token, I saw name calling go on between people for camping the same three-egg spawn].

A friend and I noted how it brought the two factions together one day, when a female or few of every race stood on the steps of the north bank of Dalaran, all wearing their Elegant Dresses and dancing. It was a lovely scene, and despite it being against our character's personalities [as we both roleplay], we too had to join in the dance, for it was a sign of unity, how a holiday event could bring allies and enemies together.

Images from the "party"!

Good times, good times...

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Hey Lin,
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