Monday, December 7, 2009

Try Two!

After seven months off from writing, I think I'm ready to come back. I've been restless as of late -- can't stay in WoW too long, can't be happy with just reading. Answering questions on forums just didn't seem enough anymore... and I realized. It was one of the reasons why I first started Elune's Guidance. Because I wanted my opinions out there. I wanted people to know what I thought, what I do, why I do it, and how much I enjoy doing what I do. Another sign was when I got in a heated discussion about mages, and I ended up pulling up ten tabs to try to aid me for my argument. And I felt no satisfaction from doing it, because only one person would know the results of my findings.

I've missed writing. Sometimes it felt like a duty to find something interesting I wanted to write about, and other times, the words just couldn't wait to flow from my fingers.

I realize it's been seven months since I've made a post, and a lot has happened since then, both in real life and in the game. I realize that the blogging community has grown so much in those months, and that I have a lot of catching up to do, friends to reacquaint myself with, a reputation to grow. I considered restarting completely, but EG is my home. I made it as a hobby, and while I did lose interest in writing for a while -- and everyone can relate, I am sure -- I'm back. I want to write, I want to explore ideas, and I want my ideas to be known. I need a place to reference my research, so I don't waste time looking stuff up again. I would like a place for other people to view my research and leave their own thoughts and opinions, striking up, perhaps, a good discussion to research deeper in.

So here goes!

Welcome back, EG.

Who will come with me through this journey of renewal?


Jezrael said...

Welcome back :) I've left my blog fallow for a long time now. To see someone return and start writing again is inspiring.

Sephrenia said...

Your blog has been sitting patiently in my feeder and I'm happy that you are back and looking forward to interesting reads. As Jezrael said it's lovely to see someone coming back to blogging after so many seem to have stopped recently. A lot of people have cut down (myself included) and re-assessed what and why they were writing for.

I hope you can be happy at your own pace and with the things you want to write about. It should flow from you, not from a sense of obligation :) Welcome back and all the best.

Lin said...

@Jezrael -- Thank you! I hope that I can keep up my interest in the blog. It had always been hard for me to choose between blogging, sleeping, playing WoW or some other obligation. I found that, after taking a break, I really didn't mind stepping away from WoW or holding off on sleep to write a little. I just have to keep in mind that writing should be fun and I need to choose interesting topics to keep both me and my all of two readers interested. -smile-

[As a bunny trail... I'm sure I've grouped with you before. Somewhere.]

@Sephrenia -- I'm glad to be back! I'm hoping some of the articles that first inspire me to come back will do well. If not, well, at least I'll be happy with them. I think writing should be a bit of both. An obligation to get some sort of information, thought, or idea out there, as well as a personal pleasure in letting your words flow.

I'm glad to see I still have a few readers left from before!

Leafshine said...


Welcome back. :)