Monday, April 28, 2008


I may not look like this, but it's how I feel. Minus the obvious adorable-ness of the cat.

School is catching up to me finally, and it's absolutely killing me. I'm currently in the middle of trying to balance my social life (which suddenly exists. I have no idea where it came from) and my school stuff (which is HUGE and looming, rather like this:). And the upcoming social affair of the school year, for which I had to go out and buy a dress.

A dress. A $180 dress. My paycheck of two weeks... well, that is, before discount. Not to count the shoes and handbag that I will probably end up buying. The occasion? Prom. 'At's right. Prom. Lin is on the younger scale of the blogging community, for those who don't know. So a $128 dress that she probably shouldn't have bought, but looked pretty good in. And four hours of shopping, which she loathes. And then homework, which her computer ate most of her research project. And also a play (See How They Run -- Phillip King, a British farce that was utterly amazing). And work. That was all she did this weekend. And Lin is done with writing in third person.

Very little time to play, much less think/catch up on blogging/catch up on reading blogs (although I did notice that Anna had a feature on our fellow Feathermooninites). I still have two features that are sitting in the drafts box that need finishing that have been there forever, I have a slight whine to write about, want to do a quick highlight on the Day of Silence, which occurred this past Friday (April 25th), stuff I need to actually load pictures for for when the badge vendor opened what seems like ages ago, not to mention all of the stuff I need to do in game, but yet...

Well. I'm lucky to find a few moments now to relay how dead I am. I look at the amount of posts I've made this month in comparison to the previous months, and I shrink in despair. And here I go again, being called to be a camera man. I'll try another update, and one actually concerning... well. Anything important/useful, sometime soon!

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Softi said...

Wow sounds like you're really busy! Enjoy your prom :)