Sunday, April 6, 2008

Official Title: Ground Taster in Gruul's Lair

Yes, I do think that's my official title. We're on our fifth wipe of High King Maulgar, and I've died within twenty-three seconds of the fight. Every time. We're getting better, but I'm still dying first, and just watching everyone else fight.

It's entertaining... I suppose. I don't think my gear appreciates it, and I'm starting to get rather sleepy (six hours of sleep + lots of time eating the dirt in Gruul's Lair = sleepiness).

But. For Guildwatch's first attempt at Gruul's, and the first time our leader has commanded a twenty-five man, I do believe we're doing all right. Our issues?

First couple of times, our main tank dropped like a rock. Death Coil, he says, got him, so we're trying to compensate for that with adding HoTs to his healing cycle. Then our mage tank gets eaten (so I get placed on him on top of me choosing to help heal our main tank)...

Seven? Eight deaths now, and we're picking up on healing a lot better. I even had time to do a rotation between our main tank, our mage tank, our druid tank, and a warrior tank...

Aaaaaaand he's down! Finally. Druid shoulders dropped, and I got outrolled by a warrior. -sighs- Ah well! Sol got his shoulders though (two of that type dropped -- the ones for hunters, mages, and warlocks), so it's all good...

-yawns- Not too much of an update, but I do have two informational pieces upcoming when I'm not being eaten alive by real life... Sorry, folks!

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