Monday, May 12, 2008

Almost There!

Last. Bloody. Week.

Then I get my life back.

It's a race of time verses my ability to work this week... which means I'm screwed. Time always wins. (I might win if I had the concentration and devotion of a nun, but I don't. I'm lucky that I can sit down and... well. Pay attention to WoW (which, for me, really means keeping up a roleplay during an instance, and probably another tell as well, and doing good DPS (though a bit worse than if I wasn't trying to multitask), and getting confused).

But a quick summary.

Losse went to TK two weeks again, and, I have to admit, I like it. It's a gorgeous instance, and, as a healer, I got to see... well. Less of the instance I would have if I was on my mage (health bars take up a good third of my screen, and I stare at them. A lot), but still, very pretty. I decided that A'lar sucks for healing -- could never keep my tank in range, so I ran around like a nutter trying to get in range (okay, shifted around due to being in tree -coughs-), and ended up dying due to accidentally running through a flame patch while trying to find my tank. Oops. One shotted him.

And the second boss... well. I can say happily that I didn't blow up the raid despite it being my first time. (Someone else did. xD). Two shotted him then.

Void... Reaver, was it? (I dunno. Didn't actually pay attention, and school blocks all WoW sites). Two shotted him. I think we had more people at his feet the second time, which is why it worked better. -shrug- I had a easier time reaching people at his feet than outside of the circle behind him, that is for sure. I got both the trash healy leather gloves, and my tier shoulders (which, despite being resto, I put it for my feral tanking set, which didn't have a pair of shoulders for). I also got to see Mag, and was able to give him one shot before I had to go (the raid went back for him too, and I wouldn't be surprised if we got him).

Oh. And I spec'ced back to feral finally (wanted to mess around with having new pretty shoulders... that sprout flowers). It's weird to be tanking (and, to a small degree, DPSing) after a few months of healing. A lot of me is still in a healing mode, and it is especially noticeable as I go do dailies, and start with a spell... then have my "Oh, Crap. I knew there was a reason my spells aren't hitting as much..." moments... I'm getting used to it again, slowly, but would be faster if I actually had more time to play.

Must admit that my most recent run of a heroic (Mech) turned out really rather well. One wipe, and that was on the gauntlet, and it took an hour and fifteen minutes. I was on my mage, and pulled aggro once (on the demons), and had an extra death over everyone, but it wasn't too bad.

Oooh, I've got a story that centers around Mark Knopfler tickets, but that's for another post... back to being busy and... well. Being me.

No WoW for me until after this week. Finals, and need to finish up my classes...

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