Thursday, May 29, 2008


We've been recognized!

Bre and Fim (of Gun Lovin' Dwarf Chick and Asleep At the WoW, respectively) created their very own podcast (or, as Kestrel of Kestrel's Aerie noted, blogcast), and we're the first ever (for the Twisted Nether, at any rate) featured blog of the week.

Isn't that exciting?

I finally got to hear it (after almost a week!) and geeze, Fim, Bre, you've made me blush. "Inviting, makes you feel right at home..." Aww. I'm touched. (Guess this means that I really can't give excuses for not posting anymore, can I? Good thing I have two posts in the middle of editing...)

Oh. And Aurik's voice is amazing. -grin- (Fim, yours-- -giggle- Oop. Aurik's voice just came on. Anyway. Quite enjoyable as well.)

And for when there are many episodes to the point where one cannot find this particular one, the link is here.

That's it, folks. We're a star now!

(Okay, not really. Let me get many posts out first...)


Softi said...

Yay for stars!! :D

Fimlys said...

Hey Lin! Thanks for being our first Blog of the Week.. We meant everything we said :D

Glad you enjoyed the podcast... What was that about my voice???? :P

Elune's Guidance said...

I said something about your voice? -looks baffled-


Anyway. Thanks. I adore you guys as well. ^^

Anonymous said...

Hello! Again. :)