Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hooooooooooney, I'm hooooooooome!

I'm done! Free as a bird, and delighted with the knowledge that I will never have to set foot in that place again. (Except, I will anyway due to the fact that I need to go back and get something edited, or, at least, transfer everything I have on there onto a drive before they go and revert to deep freeze and lose everything that I've done in the past year.)

So, with my finishing up school, I suddenly had time for WoW...

And in the first order of business, was, of course, to run a heroic. Kitty, preferably, and I got my wish. Heroic Mr.T, here we come! Two mages, me kittying, a bear, and a paladin healer. Kinda iffy on the tank/healing roles, as most groups that didn't have a paladin (or, at least, a warrior tank) that can eat the fireballs normally doesn't bode well... nor does having a paladin healer, but I wanted to kitty, and kitty I was going to do. We do all right up to Delrissa...

Then we hit trouble.

We got the naga warrior, the rogue, the hunter, and the shaman. Even with two mages, it wasn't pretty. People died. Really, really quickly. Whatever wasn't kept sheeped was being a pain in the rear, and the hunter had fun shooting and stunning the lot of us. Two deaths, and I'm at a 13g repair (having gotten half of them from the second boss), and I offer to bring my mage to help, as it seemed that we weren't going to get the boss down.

I switch over, and we try again, the group being so enthusiastic that we could do it now with three mages.

Aaaaaand... well.

Lets just say that roughly four months of not playing my mage (I spent a lot of time on my druid healing everything, and slowly getting back into feral-ness as well) meant that I forgot a timer that I really, really shouldn't have.

My sheep... which happened to be the rogue.

Now, I won't say that it was that act of forgetfulness that brought the group to another wipe. No.

What did rather do the trick, on top of my sheep running around and killing us, was the fact that the tank never told us the kill order of the sheeps, and I automatically went for star (my normal killing order). I don't know what he was going for, but not something else... and. Well. It left us with two of the mobs up, which, apparently was too much, and we wiped.

Oops? I'm sorry?

They didn't take that too well and that's when half of the group called it quits. The healer and I remained, and we rebuilt the group with two mages and a warlock (I hopped back onto Losse). Got the third boss down no problem this time (and she dropped [Vial of the Sunwell], which the healer already had (although, when I'm going to use it, I don't know. In the really, really challenging stuff? I'm geared enough that nothing is challenging enough that I foresee myself using it, but... well. Good to have, and more stuff to lug around, which is always fun).

Pull before Kael was cake... but Kael himself...

Well, the paladin couldn't keep up with me, as I couldn't eat or do anything really for the fireballs, and, therefore, without enough healing, died... Two times of it and the paladin has to go to Kara... and everyone else leaves with him, for one of the mages and the warlock were his guildies.

And, at that time, I was done. Enough dying, and didn't have the energy to actually find people to do Kael, and, therefore, left myself.

Two voids, three badges, and a shiny new trinket... and around 20g repair altogether (which, for me, is decently high. I don't normally let repairs get past 12g... makes me thankful that I don't have really shiny gear from pretty raid places higher than Kara).

My first experience in WoW in two/three weeks, and I'm already getting sucked into the endless cycle of dailies, instances, repairs, rinse and repeat. (And, occassionally, leveling my baby shaman.)

Is it worth it? Probably not.

Do I have something else I could do with my time? Not really.

Is it addicting? For sure.

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