Saturday, June 21, 2008

Breaking the Fire

I do have a work related story to share, I do, I do! But, this is *supposed* to be a WoW-ish blog, so that comes first.

Logged in today for a while (actually went to the place I once called home), and ran around killing things on my baby shaman (as well as defending the Stormwind/Ironforge Tram against the B+ Team, a Horde guild on our server that are the main aggressors against Guildwatch). Did the three beginner beast mastery quests in Stranglethorn Vale (-inner shudder-) and then Cil and I went up to Scarlet Monastery, and he had me hop into his vent.

So while I was "helping" him kill all of the Scarlet Crusaders in the Armory and Cathedral, as well as the ghosts in the Graveyard (helping as in sometimes tossing Chain Lightning, a spell I just got recently (Nirkanta's thirty-two... or was to start off the night. Got a level and a half with that bonfire buff!), leaving a windfury totem down, healed him all of four times, and trying not to play bait and die), I was listening to Rising Nova talk on vent.

Eight or so of them were in Ironforge dancing around the Pole... and they discovered that if they got a couple more people, fireworks and large fiery strands would come out of the pole. Along with a raid by B+ upon Ironforge, there came defenders -- the 'Watch, of course.

Some rather foul things were said against the defenders (mainly by two people), saying that the defenders should just leave them be, they wanted to visit the bonfire. (Which may have been believable if it wasn't a B+ raid, and if we hadn't had a huge skirmish in the Tram not too long before.) Wasn't too pleased about that, but lets move on. After the attackers were driven off, a good many of the defenders joined the pole... and, instead of the effects getting even more spectacular, it started kicking people off the pole! Not only that, they *broke* the pole -- it would no longer be pretty and shiny and work.

Apparently, that was possible... So they went off to go check on Stormwind's pole. (Shattrath's was broken too, so they say.) Backup plan? Mess around with Darnassus'. Last resort? Goldshire. (Now, that one got a lot of horrified "noooooooo!"s, let me tell you.)

Midsummer spirit is alive and well with Rising Nova, and the rest of Azeroth, it would seem! As long as one doesn't overwhelm the festival games, that is!

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