Friday, June 20, 2008

Pictures speak more than a thousand words...

But, because I'm me, I can't resist a few words anyway.

We went to see Antelope Canyon (in Arizona, I believe), Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon (latter two both national parks), Rainbow Bridge, made a round in Vegas, went to LA for a day (where everyone spent the whole day shopping at the 99 Market and other such Asian stores). (Rough summary of all the pictures above. Oh, and that last one is M&M World. Nifty.)

Oh, yes, and they're all taken by me.

These eight were just... well, eight... out of the six hundred or so pictures that I have stored from the trip. Gorgeous places, and the reason I wasn't able to go to work... but that I'll explain when I'm a bit more calm and reasonable. So I'll leave these for now to speak a tale.


Anonymous said...

I went to China for 10 days three years ago and came back with a thousand photos. Imagine doing that with old film cameras... That's a lot of rolls.

I've always wanted to go to that wind-carved canyon. The pictures from there always look so pretty. Apparently they're quite hard to photograph because of the varying light exposures though.

Looks like you had fun! :D

Elune's Guidance said...

xD I did close about the same. We were drowning in rolls of film, and just recently tossed them all away (the last roll I neglected to develop, so missed the gigantic Buddha pictures... -sigh-).

Antelope Canyon. It's gorgeous. We went in the afternoon -- I hear that, at noon, there's beams of light shining through. Still. Very pretty, and I loved it.

Quite blast it was, to be sure. (Although, by the end of it, I never want to see rock-anything for a good long while. Unless they're gems.)