Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I wish I had that type of talent.

So, as my own version of TJ's "I love this kid"...

I actually sat down in front of the TV and watched something that *wasn't* Law and Order: SVU (which is what I watched the nights before bed on my vacation [ which I have six hundred pictures of. When I'm actually going to bother putting it on the computer, much less show them to you, I don't know. Maybe I'll just find the site's promotional pictures and show that instead]). What was it? Well...

Before I get any farther, I'll say this clearly. It's definitely a not-about-WoW post. If that's all right, keep reading.

I've spent the last two hours watching America's Got Talent, and *geeze*. That six-year-old kid from Britain's Got Talent? Who was a close contender to Paul Potts (last year's winner). She's totally blown out of the water by the just-turned-four-year-old Kaitlyn Maher. Also a singer and utterly *adorable*.
Sharon: "Are you from New York?"
Kaitlyn: "I'm from America"

You can't deny the absolute adorable-ness of that! ... Oh, and getting absolutely beat in singing by a four-year-old... -ignores the fact and plows on-

Neal E Boyd gives last year's winner of Britain's Got Talent -- the previously mention Paul Potts -- a run for his money while singing Nessun Dorma. To hear it for yourself, here is Neal E. Boyd's, and here is Paul Potts.

Hrm... although I can't say that I've watched Britain's Got Talent (in fact, I followed it so lightly that I only managed to learn about Paul Potts and that adorable six-year-old after the fact. <3 style="font-style: italic;">does have the talent to match, if not beat, Britain's best.

[ I sound so patriotic. o.o ]

Some other fantastic acts:
Nuttin' But Stringz. Violinists! And... rap? Odd combination, don't you think?

Jonathan Burkin Batons! Oh my! Flaming Batons, no less! Scary!

And even a Britany Spears impersonator! (Who... was... er. Amazing, actually. [David Hasselhoff] [didn't] know whether to sing along or ask for a date. [ Quote from TV Guide ].)

Those are the most notable highlights (in my opinion, of course and as always!). For more, check TV Guide or NBC.com - America's Got Talent.

Until next Tuesday, and we'll find out who else makes it through the auditions!

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