Monday, March 17, 2008

CCC: An Alt Bank

That's it. A-yup. Justin and I got together yesterday and decided to create a guild for banking. Took us a while to think of a name. Him being Justin, he suggested silly things like "Tickle" (which I rejected). We were going to settle with "Constantly Crowded Closet" -- the closet being the the bank, but it also had a second meaning behind it, but, unfortunately, it was too long. So, after a bit of thought, I suggested "Curiously Crowded Closet" -- the other meaning rather clear -- and he said yes. So there it is. The bank of CCC...

Already on its third tab. -winces- We each dumped 450g into this baby, and look! As proof of -just- how much Netherweave we have, we made an entire tab for it! (Geeze, that is a lot of Netherweave. And this is after me supplying enough to Vese about twenty-five stacks of it for his priest's tailoring. Both Justin and I are set for our tailors come next expansion, I should think. (Okay, for the first couple of points...)

Our organization is as such:
Tab One: Three rows of blues, two rows of Mithril Spurs (he made a lot to level his blacksmithing), a row and a half of roleplay stuff, a row and a half of potions and scrolls, and the rest (half of the whole tab) for rep. (And a few slots here and there left over).
Tab Two: Professions! Three for gems, three for Leatherworking, four for flowers, and three for Primals. (And a bit of space left over).
Tab Three: Well. You saw the initial stage of it above... After the screen shot, we removed about half of it to dump in Enchanting materials, so that's that tab.

Sad thing is? Even though I dumped in stuff from all three of my bank alts, all three of them -still- have a lot of gunk. His characters too...

But, I suppose, that is our fault for being complete pack rats and having played the game for a couple of years now...

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