Sunday, March 9, 2008

Don't Mess With Your Neighborhood Tree

For we tend to like revenge, and have plenty of ways to make your life a bit more miserable.


It was around three in the afternoon...

I was doing the kill demons daily in BEM... And I, being resto, can't quite kill them quickly. So I started killing one, and HE came over, got aggro on it, pulled it to his portal, where it died. (and it was my loot). So I told him that he was an ass. And his response was something to the effect of "it was mine first you slut" I told him that he should have hit it first.
"I did."
"You should have hit it faster then, because both Blizzard and I was under the impression that it was my target."
"shut your slut mouth"
(After I told him that he is clearly intelligent by his choice of repeating "slut", or something to the effect.)
"i dont try to act smart...i am... and you wast other peoples time .. by goin too slow"
Again, no one could -ever- question his intelligence when he wrote like that. -nods-

So I returned the favor. A few pulls later (when I returned to him), he had two on him; one he was attacking and the other that found him and was attacking him. So I moonfire the one he hasn't touched yet, and cycloned the one he is fighting. And proceeded to slowly kill the one that I moonfired by his portal (while dragging it away) and continuing to cyclone his. xD He pulled the one I moonfired off of me, and I finally let him almost kill the cyclone... but then went bear, growled, and ran... and the cyclone followed me and didn't die close enough to his portal for him to get credit.

Payback is ever so sweet... Have to admit that it was quite tempting to keep pestering him, but then it would be harassment, unfortunately. Ah, well. I enjoyed myself.

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