Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunwell Loot And An Update

Utada of Spicytuna has made an excellent post on the loot from Sunwell... far better than me simply drooling over it. Go take a look!

In other news, Lin has quit work. Tossed down her hat and left, for she didn't need the stress and just couldn't deal with it. That, and, as a food store, Einsteins is supposed to be kept rather clean, and it has been going downhill. Her particular store is losing customers, and the people who work there who remember the old bosses aren't happy and have been slowly leaving. She didn't get along with the managers well, and was tired of ending up in tears or close to tears at the end of every work day, and left. She's slowly feeling better, and has some to report about WoW, and a bit of useful information as well, but that will have to wait, for she's not quite feeling up to actually posting yet.

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