Wednesday, March 19, 2008


First thing: Thanks to Nightravyn of NE Hunter, L4Mobs, PST! for fixing up my header so it's not ginormous!

Second: Matt and Anna have convinced me that WordPress is better, (and I like the clean style of it as well), and, therefore, soon you will be able to find me over there. But for now, all of my updates will be here (in case you've found me on WordPress), so keep an eye out for the move!

And now, with those out of the way... Another mish-mashing post about absolutely nothing...

So I was flying along, minding my own business... Okay, more like running off to grab a bite to eat while pointing Losse in the direction of Blade's Edge Mountains (she was in Shattrath) and saying "go!". But still. Flying along, minding my own business.

I come back. First thing I see, while still a good ways away, is a screen that doesn't seem to be moving. Oh dear. That's not a good sign. A bit closer... and I see this.

Yup. That's right. For some reason (and it has happened before), crossing from Terokkar to Zangarmarsh brings me out of epic flight form, and I go splat.

On the occasions that it's happened before, I've actually been here to frantically spam the flight form button again. Most of the time, it says "You cannot do that" (or something to the effect) to start (about five to six clicks with the GCD), which is scary, for all the while I am free falling and seeing that the mushrooms are getting closer... and closer... before letting me hop back in (thank Elune I tend to fly at high altitudes!). It doesn't happen all the time, but maybe once every... ten or so times? All the same, it's terrifying and irritating. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Matticus said...

Due to the extent of Naga insurgent forces, SSC is considered a no fly zone.

Softi said...

Nice banner :)
It's strange that you randomly shift out of flight like that... i wonder what causes it!

As for wordpress... I'm probably gonna get kicked outta the cool club for saying this but unless you're planning to go self-hosted I'd stick with blogger. There are a LOT of restrictions on the sites and you can't tweak CSS without paying for it, even when you do fork out there are still certain things you can't do - for eg if you use the Wowhead tooltips you wont be able to use them on

If you're going selfhosted then completely ignore me! ;)

Fimlys said...

Yeah.. I think the self-hosted thing is the best (i.e. get a hosting provider and get wordpress installed on that). I used until very recently and it was pretty restrictive. Really depends on what kind of "changes" you want to make.