Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Badly Can We Lose?

A long-time friend of mine on WoW and I decided to get together and see just how low we can make our rating (she is aiming for one. I am just going along with it). So every week, we go and do arena...

In our roleplay gear (meaning, almost nothing).

Now, if you can just see two lovely Night Elves, both feral druids, stealthing around, hiding from the opposite team, frustrating them to no end because they can't find us, and then, when they do, we run around, heal ourselves, and try not to die (with very little effort involved)... and the opponent team gets to watch the dead Night Elf wearing a pretty dress on the ground while they try to find the other one.

It provides us with great amusement, if nothing else.

Our games normally last seven to ten minutes... most of those spent hiding.

Should you meet us (Wit's End) in 2v2... prepare for a try of patience!

1 comment:

Shinano said...

This is probably the funniest idea I've heard all year. I *must* try it. :)