Friday, March 21, 2008

I Sound Like... WHAT?

The other day, I was on my mage, browsing LFG. I had tossed Mel into the Heroic Sethekk Halls queue, with the note that said "kitty. Really. Can summon Anzu". (Heroic Sethekk was the daily.) Before I finished checking who was in what queue and the like, I get a whisper: "Spell damage?" I look for them in the queue. A priest in the Heroic Sethekk group. Hrm... "Read the note."
He does and gets back to me: "Tank? Can you kitty tank it?"
Me [ o.O Er... ] : Not advisable. He leaves it at that.

A bit later, I'm still in queue and still loitering around Shattrath. He whispers me again: "your kitty good DPS?"
Me [ as what DPS would deny that they are good? ] : "Yes."
"what is her raid DPS? 600? 800?"
Me [ -boggle- ] : "Oh, geeze. I don't know, but unless your people are ZA geared, I bet I can give them a good run for their money."
"They are"

So I switch over, and we go in. No one is in ZA gear for one (the closest thing is our tank, which happened to be an arms/fury warrior, who might have actually been in a couple pieces of ZA gear -- I don't know anything about the loot table of ZA and beyond -- if it's shiny, and doesn't register a single bit in my brain from my Kara runs, I automatically assume it's ZA+ gear)... The group consisted of me, a shadow priest, the arms/fury tank, a holy paladin, and a hunter. We hop on Vent, and they make a note that my voice is too quiet, so they turn me up and tell me to try again. Results?

The shadow priest: "She's got the phone sex operator voice. Real breathy."
I raise an eyebrow at that, then repeated what they said in g-chat, getting laughs from my guildies. Then I addressed my sweetie and asked him: "I don't really sound like that, do I?"
Him [ cautiously ]: "Is there a right answer to that question?"
Me [ laughing ]: "The truth is nice. xD"
Him: "I don't think that you speak with lust in your voice, no."

Now... would that be considered good or bad? -winks-

Note: I ended up off tanking for one of the Ravenguard pulls (in kitty gear, because our tank went squash as our healer wasn't prepared), and I stood around and tossed a few moonfires and wraths for Anzu, and I still finished 8% in front of our hunter, and 12% in front of the priest that was so interested in my DPS output.

And I've come to the conclusion that I actually like the offspec tank, because not once did I pull aggro from him, which, for the average PuG-Prot-Warrior tank, I end up pulling aggro from at some point (Okay, I might have gotten aggro once when the mob was about to die, but I don't blame it -- Opened with a 2.7K crit Ravage, Shred x2 critted for 2.3K each, and the Ferocious Bite for 3.5K, relatively. Not a happy mob, let me tell you...)

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