Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Out the Viewport

I mentioned a while back that I would post my UI... this was taken back in February (as one can tell by the "Adored" debuff, but my UI really hasn't changed since then, except for the fact that Omen is usually showing (don't ask me why it isn't on this screen. Maybe I hadn't gotten around to getting Omen then...).

The damage meter is Recount, the buffs on the side is CTMod, and... geeze, my bars are full. I've yet to find a bar mod I like, though, so I'm stuck with this one.

Speaking of bars, I'm starting to get the issue on my baby shaman of running out of bars for all of her totems (I manage for mage portals and hunter tracking, but totems are a bit out of hand). Anyone have a suggestion for totem management that might be mostly out of the way?

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