Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gold Farmers? Who us?

Nah. We just have a bit of time on our hands (but not nearly enough to actually go farm gold. Too busy raiding / instancing / blogging / whatever-the-heck-we-do.

Matticus and I had a... conversation... of sorts... all in Chinese, and I thought I'd share out of entertainment.
Matt / WorldofMatticus: ni hao
"ni hao ma?"
Matt / WorldofMatticus: woh hen hao... ni ne?
Pat / SpiritIsYourFriend: "STOP THAT"
Matt / WorldofMatticus: ^^
"hai hao."
Matt / WorldofMatticus: i guess we better switch off the tongue of the gold farmer
[ Little bit later ]
Matt / WorldofMatticus: "ni de blog hen piao lang"
[ Couldn't for the life of me, figure out "thank you" for some odd reason, so I left it out, buuuut... ] "ni de ye man piao lang. hen gan jing."

And that's it. [ Yes, my chat log is set like that, with the whole "Matt / WorldofMatticus", because I have a terrible memory. I did take out the timestamps out, just for the sake of keeping it neater. And my name from my own part of the log, figuring that it would be vaguely obvious. ] This is what happens when you put two Chinese-speaking people (even vaguely) together, and they're both in clearly odd moods. -grins- Oh, and I'm avoiding sleep, even though I have to get up early tomorrow and actually preen for pictures...

Oh, yeah, the translation! In sum, Matt said "hi", I asked him how he was, he said that he was "very good, and you", to which I replied "all right". And the second part went to the effect of "your blog is very pretty" on Matt's end, and on mine: "your blog is very pretty as well. Very clean [ feeling, that is ]". For thanks, my translator told me "gǎn xiè", which would have worked, but would be very formal. I suppose "xiè xiè" is what I really wanted, but the ping-yin looked off, so I left it alone. "Blog" isn't a Chinese word, last I checked, by the way, in case it isn't apparent.

But then, what do I know of ping-yin?

Hǎo shuì! [ Sleep well, literally, or, if you prefer, good night! ]

Edit: Note to self (and others, should they care): Matt is not a God, no matter how revered he may be by some... And he admits it too.

I am not god. I am just a 20 year old college student with ideas and the time and effort to develop them. Anyone can do anything if they're willing to work on it. Few seldom do. 90% of blogs die within a month of starting. I don't want to be a statistic. i dont want people to continue calling me godly. I'm afraid I might develop like... an ego.

[ Considering that Matt is starting to get the impression that the moon doesn't orbit the Earth -- it orbits his head, it's probably a good idea to stop inflating said head. -smirk- ] Meaning that the tiny bit of me that is awe-ing because he said I should do a guest post for him should shut up. [ You'd think that part would not exist anymore, especially after all the time us lot spend in BA, and that chat, but hey. Old thoughts die hard? ]

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