Friday, February 29, 2008

A Chip In Our Bark

That's right. For those who read... well. Any other druid blog, they should know the dramatic change that Blizzard is making to Lifebloom. ~%8 nerf to Lifebloom (according to Phaelia
). The change is exemplified by Brelaine:
Right now with 2058 healing on the PTR, my Lifebloom is ticking for for 231. With Maxed out Empowered Rejuvenation, Gift of Nature and Idol of the Emerald Queen Equipped On Live my Lifebloom ticks for 252.

Those who aren't familiar with druids might not think that this is a drastic change. But for us, and especially our tree cousins, this is devastating. The average tree's Lifebloom makes up at -least- 75% of their healing, if not as much as 95%.

The nerf was announced in an attempt to balance resto druids out in the Arena (specifically, 2v2s), and, as far as the lot of us are concerned, will affect PvE more than PvP and Arena, and is not taken fondly at all due to the great lack of many of our kind not PvPers, but yet, we all get "Beat With The Nerf Bat" (Sioban).

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