Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Add-Ons I'd Die Without

Okay. Perhaps not die. But it'd certainly be a lot more irritating.

(Kudos to Blog Azeroth for this idea... and Resto4Life... And others. xD)

  • How many addons do you have?
  • Fourteen. (Auctioneer (which I never actually use...), AtlasLoot (keeps me occupied when waiting on people to get back from their most untimely AFKs), Cartographer (self explanatory, non? Maps!), NECB (NaturEnemyCastBar -- Well. Cast/DoT timers), CT (both RA and the regular -- It's an addon I've had forever, and am far too used to it to switch), Recount (fancy damage meters. I like the pie chart that breaks down what percentage of one's damage is made out of what spell), DBM (DeadlyBossMods -- at one time LaVendetta, it keeps timers for bosses in raids and PvP. Helps keep my raid alive. :)), ElementalFlux (a mod I've had for a while, which keeps track of how long until my elemental disappears, and also shows his spell cast), ItemRack (self explanatory again. I'm a druid), LightHeaded (my newest add-on, actually, that tells me where to find the quests -- with help from WoWHead), Omen (two words: threat meters), OmniCC (shows cooldowns for all of... well. Anything that has one. (most notably, trinkets, ice block, ice barrier, and cold snap)), RatingBuster (gear comparison), RecipeRadar (notes what recipes are available in the area, if my toons have them, and if they don't, what requirements am I missing and the like).
  • What addons can you not live without?
  • Itemrack. I'd never find anything without it. Cartographer -- helps with my nodes... even if many of the time, the nodes aren't up when I'm in the area -_-'. RatingBuster -- simple enough. And CT for easier interface.
  • If you met someone new to the game using the default UI, what addons would you recommend they start with?
  • If they rolled a druid, paladin, shaman, or a warrior (and any other class that might switch gear a lot), Itemrack for sure. Cartographer. LightHeaded instead of always pulling up Thottbot or the like...
  • What are important qualities you look for when you look for new addons?
  • What qualities they bring to enhance my gaming experience, and do I -really- need it.
  • How do you usually find new addons? Are they recommended to you? Do you search for them? Are they required by your guild?
  • Normally I see other people's add-on list, am intrigued, and look it up. My guild doesn't require anything.
  • What sort of layout does your UI have?
  • Clean? -shrug- I'll take a picture the next time I get a chance to be in both a raid and a group situation...
Where I normally find these add-ons is on CurseGaming. Just google it. ^^


Ganomette said...

Hehe, I just posted 4 add-ons on my blog today for for leveling that I can't live without; Lightheaded, Doublewide, TomTom and MonkeyQuest.

Also, for arena I like Proximo.

Auctioneer, I used to think the same thing "I never use this". Then I uninstalled it and missed all the little things you don't realize it does.

Elune's Guidance said...

Yeah, I don't physically use it, but I like all of the little tooltips and random stuff that it adds to my screen. :'D

As for both DoubleWide and TomTom, I've heard vague things about, but think that I do well enough without messing around with my interface more.

I have to admit that I am far too rusty at PvP and Arena to even want to show my face in it. >_> Thus, no need for add-ons to help in that. Maybe I'll go back to being a PvP nut. One day...