Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Heal Me!"

AV weekend. My insanity for healing from last night carried on. Today, again I pulled on my healing clothes and went PvPing...

I love to heal. Battlegrounds are quite a bit more interesting as a healer. (My friend found out that I was... bonkers vocally while healing as well. "I'm going to die! Don't let me die, don't let me die, don't let me die.... UGH. He died on me! He fails at life! Don't die, don't die, don't die!") Did five winning games of AV and two losing ones. Good streak, surprisingly. I suppose we really were quite determined to get our extra honor.

Between game three and four, however, a friend whispers me: "Would you like to heal Steamvaults for us?"
"Er. Okay."

So off we went. The tank wasn't the smartest, and by the time we were four pulls away from the first boss (for those who don't know, that is... -counts- eight pulls in), I had died three times. Not a good start. With my healing gear, it's an average of two gold per death. Not exactly cheap (but... thank Elune for mostly cloth healing gear, even if all but two repairable pieces are epics, and those two being blues), mind you. Random adds hitting you because the tank didn't pick them up (even though you waited until he was at half health to start healing him to give him time to gain aggro so I wouldn't get terrible healing aggro). Wiped twice on the first boss, but, after that, surprisingly, we did well and didn't die anymore.

Steamvaults is easy to heal. It really is.

But the fact that I went through the whole instance (minus the first boss) without ever going below... oh, say, 70% mana... as a feral druid healing... is rather sad. (I have about 300 mana per second regen out of combat. That might be part of the reason). Walked out of that with a ten gold repair. (Yeeey...)

More AV after that as a healer. Always made second or third on the healing charts... until our last AV. The Horde had formed a solid defense in the Iceblood area -- specifically, the graveyard, and we couldn't get through... so we kept dying... and dying... and dying... as we tried. (Their graveyard, obviously, was much closer, so they had constant reinforcements.) BUT. I did manage to reach my goal for the night: be number one on the healing list as a feral druid.

Here's proof!

Now, who says feral druids can't heal? -grin- The druid right below me is spec'ced 8/11/42 -- restoration. And below that, 8/0/53 restoration... with a lot better gear than I have.

And the feral druid beat them.



Pike said...

I usually seem to wind up near the top of the healing charts... as a hunter.

Mend Pet for the win!

Elune's Guidance said...

As a hunter? -laughs- Very nice. Thankfully, at least some people heal in BGs still, and, therefore... well, the SS proves my competitive side. Had to show restoration druids that feral druids could do just as well, and better, in competitive healing... at least, in a battleground.

Next goal? Try to convince my guild to let me come heal for them as a feral druid, and see how the healing meters look for that. -grin-

I just -might- be able to pull it off too.