Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shared Topic: To Name or Not To Name...?

How did you come up with you character names? This can include alts. Like do you have a theme?

A shared topic from BlogAzeroth (hm, I should probably link it this time, shouldn't I? -link-). I figured that this was short enough that I could do before I succumb to sleep. Right? My characters in general started as a character for my roleplaying before WoW, and then I just kind of... took the names from there to make it a lot easier on me.

Lossemenel -- the druid. As a Lord of the Rings nerd, I couldn't resist. I don't remember exactly how it figured out bit by bit, but it came to "snow-white heaven". She has silver hair, and pale skin with no markings, so it was quite fitting.

Meliensa -- the mage. Roots in LotR, but I couldn't tell you exactly what roots. I'll dig up my LotR notes sometime and see if I simply forgot why I had that name, or if I didn't have any information on it at all.

Cirwen -- Hunter. Cir had a meaning. Really. Goodness knows exactly what it was. 'Wen' is maiden, however. She's not a foul, moody character in my books, but ended up being one for the game. I'm not quite sure when that transformation came about, but it did, and it stuck, the times when I do feel mean enough to roleplay an unpleasant hunter who finds everyone else inferior...

Nirkanta -- the shaman. Originally the name for a half-wraith. (Don't ask. Really.) "Many shape" is the meaning. Would have been better suited to my druid, but the character was evil in my books, and I really didn't want to use it. I changed my mind for Kanta here out of lack of names that I wanted to use. xD It's not that bad, though, since shamans can change into a wolf... and it can be interpreted as many faces as well, I suppose, meaning that she could be any spec. (Although I plan on leveling her as restoration and keeping her such, so I won't have to keep respec'cing Losse every couple of days depending on the raid).

Edit: Checked. My memory served me well. I can't find my references for Losse, but I do think that is right. :)

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Vorn said...

Hi well my name is taken from aname i made up in high school playing AD&D in the 1980's.
So my main is Vorn my main alt is Vorno i have a bank Vorne and a tauren i call Bullvorn :) so when i do a wmage etc i will do something like vornmage lol
But no matter what character i play my guildies just call me Vorn .