Sunday, February 17, 2008

Five Lessons Learned

I have this post ready for my experiences in Crypts... but that's later.

For now, Phaelia over at Resto4Life posted this ages ago, but as I just come upon it...

Here's the link to Phae's post: 5 Things Learned... Sorta

And for my own...

Dear Lin,
There's a couple of things I know you wished to know before you started the game...

The first being that becoming attached to someone online is a really, really bad idea (but, even now, two and a half years or so in, you still have yet to really understand this concept fully and are in yet another rut). They could just be playing you along, weirdos, or really like you. And be weirdos. There's a couple of good ones out there, Lin, but geeze. You seem to get attract some of the... less savory characters.

The second? Don't lend people 1K of gold and expect to see it ever again. Yup. Said person quit WoW for a while, finally returned, and, although you haven't contacted each other since, you know he doesn't remember you. Go figure.

Third: Whatever you happen to be spec'ced on your druid... LFG will always be looking for the other spec. Always. (Meaning, if you're feral, they'll want a healer. And visa versa. Stupid LFG.) Oh, and your raid as well.

Four: Family or friends will almost always want you most the moment you have committed yourself to an instance or a raid. Especially the raid. Heroic groups fall under the category as well. Any other time, they wouldn't think about bothering you.

And, lastly, Lin... Well. Never follow anyone who is half naked, or even fully dressed, anywhere alone. It never turns out well. -smirk- (Think of a certain kaboomkin, rogue, feral druid... probably some others, and of a priest... You never learn, do you? -sigh-)

See? Stuff you would have been far better off with knowing. Don't forget to thank me.

-- Youself. Or, if you prefer, Estë and El.

P.S. You need to pay more attention to us. And your muse.

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