Monday, February 18, 2008

A Huntard if I've Ever Saw One

And the promised post that I didn't get to last night...

Well, here it is.

I had logged on yesterday after work with the intention of doing heroics. However, there were certain things I had to do before I could do that: check mail, make potions... prep stuff, y'know. And possibly level my hunter while giving LFG a good eye-over. [ Yes, as my guild isn't as... groupy, I do quite a bit of LFG shopping. ]

I stick the hunter in the Crypts queue... and not too long later, I get a whisper from a sixty-six hunter: "crypts and mt?"
"Er... Okay."

So I get an invite. Fast forward to the part where we get a paladin tank, a resto druid, me, the hunter leader [beastmaster -- 53/0/3], and feral cat. Two pulls in, the healer has died twice. Whoops. Turns out that the tank was ret. And not very good at attacking the poorly marked targets. (I always trapped one, despite there not being a mark for one anyway.) The leader kicked him, and we got a warrior tank. We get up to the room before the first boss, me having trapped all of the way, and wiped twice there. While everyone was getting their bodies back (I had feigned death when three out of the five of us were dead), I note: "Lets put use to your traps, [Insert the Leader's Name Here]." And the replies from her were... shocking.
"im beast manestry not really trapping" [yes, manestry was what was put]
"... I am too and I have been trapping the whole instance"
"i don't trap that much"
"... Well. Could I get lead so I can mark?" [Previous to the first wipe of this pull, I had told her to mark the monk as the kill target, and the shadowpriests as OT and Trap. She didn't.]
"dont kick me" -hands over lead-
[whisper from the healer] "Tempting... very tempting."
[me] "-laughs- Yeah."
[aloud] "I don't kick."

The hunter adds, "i dont really see the action i just fire away i never know whos who"

Which brought the rest of the group to raise an eyebrow and frown. At the same time. How could someone get to sixty-six and not trap? I have no idea. I love my traps. More than I ought to, sometimes. But I love them.

Did the group again, this time we got two down and the last one killed us. (The healer didn't keep my pet up, and Mend Pet only does so much, so 'x' went on a rampage.) She broke my trap as well, that hunter. Better this time, at any rate. Lin does know something after all!

But... well. My auto-buttons had frozen at that point, and I couldn't auto-shoot. I toss the resto druid leader and restart the game, which, I had found out, fixes that problem. I come back to see a /say that mentioned something to the effect that everyone agreed it, and then the fact that the old leader had been booted. I shrug, and proceed to ask Justin to come DPS on his warrior (who is 65). He asks if he could bring his holy priest instead, for the enchant. The rest of the group didn't mind, so he did and we continued, a lot safer and... well. Didn't die. Except on the AoE skeleton groups, but we figured it out after the first one and didn't die after that.

All of the while, the hunter was whispering us. "fifth time being booted out of MY group" "sobbing eyesockets to tears" "im just a kid" "im only eleven" I didn't reply. Sure, I might have felt a little guilty, but... I didn't do the kicking. And she hadn't tried to improve when we brought it up. And our healer died five times or so by that time. And... well. "Pity me" is and will always bring displeasure from me. So. Almost. [By the way. Anyone else not know what "sobbing eyesockets to tears" means? xD]

Back to what was happening in Crypts though. The second to last AoE group before the boss was one with an elite caster. Justin wanted to MC it and keep it for the boss. "All right." And we did. Boss was easy. (And, as Justin notes, "It's rather sad that the groups leading up to the last boss is harder than the boss himself" (or something akin to that).) Rather entertaining, actually, watching the boss and one of his minions fight each other...

Good times, and will end up being another treasured memory of PuGs and being at the mercy of LFG...


Anonymous said...

I sympathize. I had that glorious Sethekk Halls run that I blogged about earlier today, and unfortunately our healer was the problem.

Aren't PuG's fun?

Pike said...

Ouch... I was helping some guildies through Ramps the other day; a level 58 ret pally is tanking and I'm, well, a level 70 hunter. I would pull aggro with a single auto shot. It was... not fun. x_x

Basically everyone but me and the healer died within 10 seconds on the last boss, fortunately my cat and I managed to pull off a victory =D Made me feel good but gosh, I love a *good group* ya know, not just something thrown together.

When people say stuff like "We'll just go in and kill stuff and see how it goes" it should really be a red flag I guess >.>