Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Job. Not Yours.

Hm. Ever come across someone who questions your way of tanking, although, nobody is dying (unless they do something stupid, like pull massive aggro before the tank even gets to hit the mob)? Well.

It's not appreciated. Really.

I tank fine. My guild considers my tanking as "well". Yet, today, in Heroic Ramparts, I had a ret pally ask me why I wasn't swiping to multi-target tank. He said that he had a feral druid himself. That was all good and well. I'm open to suggestions.

Just not people questioning how I tank, insinuating that I don't do it well enough.

For me, multi-mob tanking involves a focus target, a main target, and, if I really must have a third target, a target that one must NEVER hit until we kill the others. Hit it, and it's not my problem anymore, it's yours. I'm not going to watch my bear bum run after something that should be on me to start with, and is on you instead because you wanted to break the damage meters. Sorry.

Pulling. Starfire pull the third mob, moonfire (if I have time) the focus mob, drop to bear before they come and eat my face, mange and lacerate the main target (skull, always), then lacerate twice the focus target (without shifting my target from the main target -- my macro for that is rather complicated, but works perfectly fine for me. I'll share it the next time I'm in game, or if I recall where I actually found it). Swipe once for just in case, and settle down with mangling when it's up, lacerating the focus target every few seconds, and mauling/lacerating the main target to death. Main target down, the third mob gets focused, and rinse and repeat. Maybe a few extra swipes if I have a lot of rage, but not normally.

Might be bulky for some, but it works well enough for me, and as long as the group is doing what it should be and only killing the target marked, I have aggro and no one else. I don't exactly know why I don't swipe a lot -- it just never fitted into my rotation, and if I did employ it, it is for groups bigger than three, where I play the "love me" game, sending attacks everywhere, and, somehow, all of the mobs do love me

My response? "As long as the rest of you aren't dying every pull because I am a crappy tank, I think I tank well enough, thank you. Unless you would like to bring your druid to tank? I'd be more than happy to DPS in your spot." (Okay, perhaps not quite as eloquently, but the essence said just that. "You guys aren't dying unless you do something stupid, so unless you want to tank...".)

He didn't say anything after that, and we got through the instance pretty much without too much incident. Except for that one pull of the pat where I got no heals (still not quite sure how that happened -- our healer and everyone else had at least 90% mana, if not full, and I died faster than a mage blinks).

No belt. Again. But I did manage to upgrade my ring to [Averinn's Ring of Slaying], so I guess I can't really whine (from what, I shan't say. The embarrassment would kill me. I will note that it was a green... that I had for a really... really... long time). But I really am beginning to wonder whether [Tree-Mender's Belt] actually exists. Ah, well. Maybe next time. We can keep hoping!

The same healer and I went to Heroic Slave Pens afterwards as well, as he needed two more badges, and I wanted the trinket ([Quagmirran's Eye]) for my mage. Didn't drop. Predictably, but still. (Makes one wonder -- what on earth does he still need his eye for anyway? And... I want an eye that is that special! o.o).

The loot gods are quite unkind...

So, what else is new?

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