Thursday, February 28, 2008

Real Girls Don't Play WoW

Or so the saying goes. After all, MMORPG is known to stand for 'many men online roleplaying girls" right? Generally. However, there are, actually, a good many of us females that do play WoW...

And, if we weren't brave enough to do so in the first place, some of the conversations make me wish I really didn't play it...

Tuesday night, for example, in guild chat. A couple of hours before Josh left. Legion went from having one main druid (me) to having two other seventy druids (Nar-Nar and Kim, both feral)... bringing the total up to three feral druids at seventy, and one sixty-seven(ish. She keeps leveling) feral. No boomkins, no trees.

So in guild chat (I was bored and running around Burning Steppes praying to the herb gods for me to find Mountain Silversage), I made a mention about how we have lots of feral druids and need more trees, for, who else would get all of the yummy leathery goods for healers? The responses I got, and the conversation after... wow...

[Both Nar-Nar and Kim both noted that they both have healing gear, and Kim goes and says that he has the vest off of Nightbane. I mention that I have the staff... and Nar says that she is still wearing her Moonglade Robe. To which I said that I was wearing the Masquerade Gown...]
"Besides, us girls look better in dresses."
Someone else in the guild chimed up: "Real girls don't play WoW."
(Nar had logged off right before he said this, and logged back on after he did. She, also being a girl in real life, had to know what he said. So...)
"Nar-Nar! --- said that real girls don't play WoW. So if we aren't real girls, what are we?"
Nar: "Manly men."
Kim: "No, you could be a girl... just with a little extra something in your pants."
"o.o Ewww."
Nar: "kekekek"
-silence- Then...
"Does that mean that we have man-boobs too?"
Nar: "A man with DD cups is HAWT."
Kim: "Ewwwwwwww."
Nar: "I'd like to date a man with the same bra size as me."
Kim: "O.O"
"He'd have to get his own bras though..."
Josh inserts his two cents, which followed the line of him being a manly man with boobs, which elicted more "ewwwws" from the lot of us, and him going "loljk".
And Nar said that she was kidding too.

The conversations... -shakes her head- Love Legion. How can I not?

And last night. One of our newest guildies whispered me... (Conversation ran the line of this, and him not being literate either):
"Hi, I'm new to the guild. My name's Aaron."
"I know you're in ZG [yes, I went to ZG last night and FINALLY hit revered with the two bosses we downed] but I just wanted to introduce myself."
"Oh, don't worry about it. We were just in a rough spot."
"Okay. What's your name?"
"Lynn." (The name my guild know me as).
"You're a girl playing WoW?"
"How old are you and where do you live? 35/houston here."
[I start showing this to my fellow officers... added with twitches and ewwww. He's almost twice my age...]
"Come now, dear. Legion isn't running a dating service for me."
"Sorry. Was curious... could we get to know each other better sometime?"

I didn't answer, and he logged soon after.

Three years or so of playing WoW, and this is the first time the first time that I can honestly say that I've been hit on like that. And I understand why some girls just don't let anyone know they're girls...

C'mon, guys... Other than the obvious reason that many girls aren't inclined to playing WoW, there are other reasons too...


Pike said...

One time somebody in trade said "Are there any other girls besides me that play WoW?" And I replied "Well yeah, there's a lot of us."

And immediately they whispered me: "YOU'RE REALLY A GIRL? HI!! What's your name?? =D how old are you?" etc.

I have my doubts they were really a girl >.>

Elune's Guidance said...

-laughs- We had that conversation in our trade channel before too... many times... always good to avoid them, I've found out (although, watching them is hilarious).

Matticus said...

I just want to state that guys like that are not representative of all men. Gentlemen appear to be a dying breed :(. Whatever happened to manners and courtesy, I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I think the only reaction to me being a girl has been from my guildmates, and that was more of a "Oh! Now ---- won't be by herself!" and "Hey another real life girl!"

I guess it's nice feeling special.