Friday, February 1, 2008


If there's one thing people should know before anything else, it is that I am addicted to blogs. I have this terrible habit of reading them as soon as my laptop powers up, to them being the last thing I check before I go to bed.

Which is what brought me to write my own.

Granted, I'm not going to overflow people with the mathematical numbers of what their flavor is should aim for (meaning druids and mages, in particular, and some hunter swirled in there),
but I will occasionally make links to my favorite bloggers who have already done the work. Math makes my head hurt, plain and simple.

A little bit about me:
I've been playing WoW since August of '06, I believe. I've seen many changes, and approve of many, whereas, others, I know that Blizzard could do better.I have two seventies that I am proud of: Lossemenel, a feral druid that goes restoration every so often depending on what the raid needs -- my personal preference leans toward biting and clawing people's faces off, but, as the good druid as I try to be, I don't mind healing when the occasion calls for it. The other is a frost/arcane mage, Meliensa. I couldn't tell you much about being a fire mage, having only played that for a short time, hating it, and going back to frost. Love the water elemental far too much. I also have a sixty-six beast master hunter, Cirwen, which I struggle to level, but know that, inherently, I ought to because I need potions, and she's my potion maker. And she's overpowered. The baby of this group, at twenty-two, is Nirkanta, my restoration shaman, so I may know the pains of leveling as pure restoration. And so I could try out something with a tail.

In real life, I am a girl that is in school. I spend most of my time doing something pertaining to film -- writing and editing and watching -- which is a lovely way to pass the school day. My passions, beside film, is history and creative writing. I am a roleplay nut, although, despite how long I've played WoW, I've rarely had chances to roleplay as one of those characters. However, my life is consumed -- when not at school, work, or WoW, with roleplaying on a forum, where I am kept plenty busy with twenty-threads and five characters. I love to read -- Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction are all a part of what interests me as far as books go (along with the occasional odd book here and there).

Expect notes on my play style, happenings in the WoW world on the Feathermoon server (where I make my home), and a log of note-worthy events in my life in and out of the game.

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Pike said...

Film huh?

I majored in film; spent five years in it and got a Bachelor's Degree in it. At that point I decided I wasn't interested in it anymore, but hey, it was a fun five years at least!