Thursday, February 14, 2008

Single's Awareness Day!

Ah. My yearly gripe. (My day does change later on, but that's for later). Single's Awareness Day. What isn't there to hate about it? The flowers, the gifts, the pink and white, the red, the... sudden abundance of mushy couples. Everywhere. Take your pick.

The suddenly abundance of mushy couples always hits me the hardest.

Oh, nothing against those who do have a sweetie. In fact, all the more kudos to you.

Just let us, who don't, sulk.

In the school community, mushy couples are... not uncommon, but not too overly bearing. But... on SAD (-smirk- Even the abbreviation fits), they are even more populous, it would seem. For me, being the girl whose love languages fall under the categories of "quality time" and "physical touch", it's utterly depressing.

'ze Love Languages for those who don't know theirs, by the way.


I guess I just lost my right to complain. (And those who know me -know- how much I like to whine. Apparently it's in my horoscope... except. I don't believe in that stuff...)

Why? Well. I gots a flower!


FLOWER! -nods- From a guy I fancy. And is my friend. -squee-

So, if Lin could stop blushing, she might actually address something important.

Important? Lin? Psh. She gave a few posts of decent worth the night before, and will give more later. Just... not now.

Edit: Oh, and two boxes of chocolate. Geeze. How can a guy expect us to actually look good for them when they're giving us chocolates? But it's adorable! <3

/end gush

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