Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Loss to Legion

Tuesday night... a rather ridiculous thing occurred, and for the lot of us, we hope that it won't tear the guild apart. Vese (Josh), our warrior, co-leader (who has been on the brink of overthrowing Sol for all the work he has been doing in the guild), and raid leader, left. Just /gquit.

Why? Well. From Justin, I heard that it was over someone who wanted to join the guild. By the mass recruitment spree that Josh has been on, it wouldn't have been a problem. Shouldn't. But it was. You see, this person had left the guild before (for no good reason, apparently), and Josh held a grudge toward him and didn't want him back in, said that it was a guild decision to make... and Sol invited him anyway. Because of this, he left. And, as of last night, five people have also followed him. Mainly, I hear, because he had recruited them for a Gruul's raid that he was going to start up, and... well. With Josh gone, it was going to get put on hold. Still. It makes us fear.

Last time main people left from Legion, it was us lot to overthrow the old leaders due to the fact that their ways were not liked and they did nothing to change it despite the approaches by us.

But last night, Josh whispers me, telling me that he had too much stuff going on in real life and really should quit WoW. Because of this, he is going to give me his account (with his two seventies) and I could do whatever I wanted with it. Gee. As if I know how to play a warrior (arms) and a priest (holy)... (although, I hear, if I roll my face around the keyboard, I should be able to tank as a warrior just fine. -grins-)

I don't know what Legion will do without our raid leader, but I suppose we'll manage. Sol will have to step up and take his spot, I suppose, although, for him, it will be a bit harder due to his family and child obligations. Here's to hoping that we, as a... well, Legion, will survive.

Reminds me. I guess I get to be the one to give that second part of the news to the rest of the guild... Lucky me.

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