Monday, February 25, 2008

Chaos in the Workplace

Where has my weekend gone? I meant to post about my experiences, but yet... well. Clearly I haven't. I do have an excuse though: major work issues.

Lets backtrack for a few moments here.

About two months back, a deposit went missing at work (I work at Einsteins Bagels). A thousand dollars went poof. Naturally, the company was quite unhappy, and a huge investigation was started. They came over, interviewed everyone, made us uncomfortable. While the little lot of us had grown close in the months of working together, the investigation helped us grow even closer together under the threat of losing members of our little "family". Now, let it be known that I only work weekends and holidays; school makes it superfluous to actually go into work for two hours on the weekday. But I've been known to pop into work during the week to grab a bite on my way up to the library, or to Starbucks (as it is next door).

Last Tuesday, I popped in, and there were completely new people behind the counter.

I was confused and cautious, and asked where the normal crew was... And then they told me.

Our manager and assistant manager had both been fired as a result of the investigation. The investigators had no real proof, but needed someone's head to roll... and who better than the managers? -sighs- Oh, and our rather creepy (in my opinion) cashier as well, for something he said during the investigation.

Crap. They've what? Took away the leaders of our family. Especially the assistant manager, who, while joined us rather late, made himself such an important member whom we all felt comfortable with. I was in shock, but decided that I liked the temporary GM that they gave us (who would be with us for a few months) and the assistant manager that was there for only a couple of days. So, with that in mind, lets forward to Saturday.

There was a new assistant manager that day who was completely unpleasant. Completely. Didn't introduce herself, wasn't friendly at all, snappy, and just... overall a type of person that was the exact opposite from the old assistant manager. Now, me, I'm used to work being an escape from home, and, to go into work and find it as unpleasant as home... well. It wasn't good. And the impact of the complete change hit me, and I spent the better part of four hours in tears or close to tears.

And, Michael, once more, became my knight in shining armor and popped in (unknowingly, actually) and saved me from work. Made him late for a big work meeting, even, but he didn't mind too much, and it did help.

[-cuts out an exert on Heroic Botanica-]

Sunday. Well, lets just say that it went well enough except for my little splat with one of my co-workers... which involved her telling me that I should go home if I wasn't going to do anything (while I was eating and multitasking), and me telling her that I would stay overtime to help them clean, and her telling me that I could go home anyway if I wanted to choose what I wanted to clean. Silly, really, but still rather irritating, as I was willing to give up part of my afternoon so she could clean less, but she wouldn't have me cleaning what I wanted to in order to help them. -shrugs-

So that's what's been going on... and now, for that cutout of Heroic Botanica with the... dun dun dun... warrior... Oh. And a note on huntards too.

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