Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How To Become A Good Writer

As I haven't been on WoW recently, but have managed to write a rather terrible satire, I figured I might as well give you guys this...

How To Become A Good Writer
In order to become a good writer
One must write very rarely
And when one does decide to pick
Up his writing utensils
Never write in good English
Or whatever language one writes in.
But rather, spell everything incorrectly
Switch letters here and there as well
Forget about grammar, it is useless
You’ll never get far at all.
Proof-reading is a thing you should never do
Unless you wish to be mocked
It is both time consuming and ineffective
The best writers, one must know,
Never write.
It is impractical.
No story, no tale, no nothing.
But doodles upon a page.
That is what will bring success
For those who wish
To Become A Good Writer.

For class. Clearly I tried quite a bit, non?

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