Saturday, February 16, 2008

Warriors, WSG, and Healz

So yesterday afternoon, as I was getting ready for going to see "Fiddler On The Roof" (which was amazing, by the way. Went away humming "Tradition"), I hopped into WoW... and realized that I -really- wanted to heal.

I am a feral druid at heart.

But I wanted to heal. Odd.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I love healing. I respec pure restoration every so often for my raids. But never, or, at least, never in my memory had I logged on and just wanted to pull out my pretty healing gear, stand around, and heal.

As my respec was still 50g from the respec'cing twice a week I did all during January, I did the next best thing: stick on healing gear and went to PvP.

Something, again, I never do on my druid, as I hate doing melee damage to things that liked to run away (which is why my mage spent three playing days just PvPing when she was forty-nine). It was an odd WSG, to be sure. Me, the feral druid, had on healing gear and healed the whole time. The resto druid ran the flag and healed some. Topsy-turvy the world had become, but it worked, apparently.

Alliance won, 3/3.


Alliance won.

My first WSG in a while, and Alliance actually wins the first game. Scary. Normally, I watch as the Horde massacres us, get the flag, massacres us again, cap the flag, rinse and repeat. This time, we had some killing going on, but we won.

Now, for me, playing the healer the whole time... well. Lets just say that I found that I really, really don't like warriors.

Try having three warriors intercept-stun you in a row and kill you before the effects wore off.

Despite having two out of your three HoTs up.

One warrior is all right though. I had the satisfaction of outrunning one of them; he kept intercept-stunning me, I kept my hots up, travel form, was intercept-stunned again, more hots, travel form... led him on a huge circle from the bottom of the Alliance ramp, up through the side, to our graveyard and off the side where I lost him. He almost got me, too, which was probably the most annoying part for him. (Secret! Barkskin + Regrowth + Rejuvenation + travel form + run like hell = win)

Maybe I will respec restoration for a while... Forgot how much fun PvP was as a resto druid...


BRK said...

Are you on Emberstorm? We'd love to win a WSG once in a blue moon. :(


Elune's Guidance said...

It's BRK! o.o -wave-

Nope. Cyclone. We get these occasional bursts of "Alliance Wins"... and the rest of the time, we get mauled by the Horde.

Because they normally have classes that are willing to heal.

And they know to kill the healers when we actually do have some.

And they know to defend their own healers.

And... er. Alliance doesn't.