Monday, February 11, 2008

EG Takes Blogging Into Her Own Hands

That's right. Forget about Lin, who normally writes this. She's neglected me for a few days. Again. Even though she said that she wouldn't. So I decided to write something up for myself, by myself. I do realize, though, that Lin has a good...ish excuse. But we'll get to that later. For those who doesn't really care what Lin does in game, or out... here's this.

A list of some of the resources Lin uses, excluding blogs.
[Emmerald's Feral Gear]
[Elitist Jerks]
[Feral Druid Megathread]
[The Druids Grove]
[BBB's Hit Rating, Expertise, and Defense]
And, of course, the regular ol' Bliz hot-spots...
[WoW Armory]
[WoW Forums]
Apparently she visits less places than I thought...
Oh. And a list of shadow priest "casual" gear, apparently... (No 25-mans allowed!)
[Lookin' Good in Casual]

Back to Lin and her life. Lets go backwards some.

After Thursday's post, she's been relatively busy. What stood out most in her Friday school day was that she failed terribly at film-making. Eighty minutes wasted running around like a headless chicken with a camera. No tape, no sound equipment. Just a 5K camera and the $300 tripod. Everything went wrong for her, and she was highly frustrated. However. She had Kara that night with Justin's group as an OT on her druid. On Thursday, she had called in to work to tell them that she would be filming (and raiding, though she hadn't mentioned that part), and would not be able to work.

Kara! It was a good group for the most part. One half wipe because someone pulled the group of elites in the room right outside of Opera and Maiden. Oops. The people weren't bad, except for the fact that they tended to swear every other word, which was highly unpleasant, but she dealt with it, shredding faces when she wasn't OT'ing (which the group took full advantage of having an OT, instead of just letting them DPS and OT when it was necessary, something new for Lin). She got three items though, for which she was happy. (It was a full clear of Kara -- took a bit shorter than four hours). For one, she got her staff from Illhoof. [Terestian's Stranglestaff]. And the healing staff from Nightbane ([Nightstaff of the Everliving]). And the healing necklace from Netherspite ([Shining Chain of the Afterworld]). (The healing stuff because no one else needed it, and the squid staff because she was feral, and the other druid wasn't.) She found out within two days that, apparently, the +35 agility enchant is decently rare enough that in two hours of spamming the fact that she had the materials and is only looking for an enchanter who can do it for her. (She started to value the fact that her mage had it. Lin did get it eventually, after asking an acquaintance, who knew someone who could).

Saturday. She worked until five-thirty (starting eight), and got home. The family went out for a bit, so she had two hours to do something. While she originally planned on it being an instance, a call from GuildWatch came out about an attack on Sentinel Hill, and she went to the rescue (on her mage). World PvP is still a bit alive, and she spent the full two hours watching and chasing Horde (with some killing in between). She found it so entertaining, the chase, that, afterwards, she created a Horde character to chat with the one she chased around for the better part of half an hour, and watched for an hour or so, and fought a bit as well. It turned out that the Horde had been just as afraid of her beating him as she has been of him. While she had better gear, he had PvP experience. Not that either of them knew the other's fears... but she logged off soon afterward with a sense of satisfaction.

Sunday. Work for half of the day, and for three hours she played taxi to her father, and the rest of the afternoon/evening she spent watching The Legend of Zorro (Antonio Bandaras, Catherine Zeta-Jones) which she ended up squee-ing over. Like the girl she is. (She now has a new favorite movie... that one). Then bed.

Busy, see?

[And some personal real life stuff as well... go ahead and skip this if you want.]
Not to mention that she's having relationship problems. She can't get a guy. Oh, sure, a girl at her work openly likes her (calling her "gorgeous" and such), but... well. She's straight, so it's rather awkward for her. She did get a "date" to a musical that premieres on Valentine's Day, though,with one of her guy friend, so she is rather excited about that -- said guy friend and her go to plays/musicals together, but do little together outside of that, including talking. That, and the musical is Fiddler on the Roof, and it looks to be highly promising, starring some of the people she knows, and some of her friends are on the backstage crew. One of her guy friends from WoW she has been talking quite a bit to, and she -really- likes him. Except. Long distance relationships work terribly, and she fears that her ways might scare him off. She can get a bit overbearing... and a bit more than that... and is consumed by her fear from past experiences, none of which have ever really turned out well. Oh, and another one, from her "past" is still trying. He's disappointed her so often, though, that she doesn't know what to think concerning him anymore.

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